La Koradior brings you romantic, lady-like elegance and refined luxury experiences.

A refreshing breeze from the Seine travels down the Thames. Over the lush meadow, it caresses the delicate English roses in blossoms. Like a drop of sparkling dew hanging from spring sprigs, she dazzles the eye with glowing elegance and noble beauty, and expresses a spectacular sense of romantic beauty with her body. This is an elaboration of beauty, like roses swinging in the breeze; she dazzles and mesmerizes wearing the perfect La Koradior.

La Koradior is attentive to the very last detail whether it is fabric choices, craftsmanship or design of romantic details. Every piece of La Koradior is tailored to the gentle curves of the female body with an artistic touch, bringing exquisiteness and sophistication to a fashion extravaganza. While delivering dazzling fashion, La Koradior transforms women into symbols of mesmerizing elegance.