Koradior focuses on youthful, elegant and romantic styles of ladies’ fashion wear, and aims to take feminism to another level for women who lead interesting and fulfilling lives. Adept at employing romantic French elements to accentuate unique Oriental beauty, Koradior presents her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection at Beijing International Fashion Week.

The show was held in Chaoyang T-Space in Beijing. In alignment with the designing theme of New Utopia, the show room is decked with modified white roses under the ceiling to forge an ephemeral and flitting feel of outer-space.

Many stars and models graced the occasion. Dressed in gorgeous Koradior pieces, Zhang Xinyi, Xiao Qiang, Zhang Jiani, Li Fei, Dong Xuan, Lv Xia, Zhou Na stepped onto the red carpet and graced the show with their distinctive star power. The vision of the 2013 show is to integrate refined and timeless gracefulness into the fashionable trends of our times. Special guest model, Ji Lili, joined the show and brought her unique and characteristic touch to Koradior’s show.

From a standing point of happiness, Koradior offered a more creative and intimate interpretation of feminine beauty. The elegance of Paris, the unrestraint of la Seine, and the charms of the Grasse roses together transformed French fashion sense and romantic sensibilities into a river of radiant colors.